Mold Testing

Crest Home Inspections Kansas City offers high quality and accurate mold testing services.  We are certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants.

Mold is everywhere.  It is in the air we breathe, inside and outside.  High levels of mold can cause health problems in some people.  Some people are sensitive to higher levels of mold and some people are not.   Click here to learn more about mold and the effects it can have to your health.

At Crest Home Inspections Kansas City we do air and swab sampling  to compare the levels of mold in your home to the levels outside using modern air sampling equipment, with quick results from a certified lab.  Our results come with a 90 day mold safe warranty if we don’t find mold in your home.


Mold Test 

3 air samples and 1 swab sample

$350 ($300 when bundled with a home inspection).

Additional swab sample:  $75 each

Additional air sample:      $125 each        

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